Friday, January 4, 2008

My Pics for Best Albums 2007

Ok so yes I'm new at this blog shit and I'm sitting around thinking...well what the fuck am I supposed to talk about between shows I go, another person with their faves from 2007. So here goes...

Hands arguments.....THE SHINS - Wincing the Night Away

I have to give props (does anyone even say that anymore) to my amazing friend Mark who really steered me to the college/indie music scene, that and being addicted to Sirius Channel 26 - anyway. By the time this album came out I couldn't wait to listen to it. I got it a little early (lets leave it at that) and I was leaving songs on Mark's voicemail over 1800 miles away and we were already freaking out over it and emailing back and forth. This album from start to finish is great. I go through phases of where I just have it in my shitty cd player at work and just hit repeat and listen to it daily. I'll do this for weeks at a time. I put it away for a while and a month or so will go by and here I am..pulling it out again. In the car/ipod I listen to it. At home on Itunes, again the Shins. And forgive me for not knowing song titles anymore, only track numbers but #5 and #9....I can't even begin to describe how amazing these songs are.
Then came the show! So being new to the area...I go to shows solo a lot. Not everyone wants to go see what I do....other times I find myself with a good conert buddy, about half of the time. This show went on sale, I purposefully bought one ticket....I wanted to go and just soak it up and not have to talk or do anything. Sounds cunty I know but that night was about me and the show, thats it.

EDITORS - An End Has A Start

Great follow up album to their first release THE BACK ROOM. Another album I was really excited about getting. Love tracks #1 and #2.......oh #2...what a great great song.
So get this....I got tickets to see the Editors at Webster Hall. Now I have had a lot of experience with this venue. I get there at certain times and the main act has gone on early. I have gotten there early sometimes and I end up waiting. So for this show I was set on getting their early, I didn't want to miss one bit. A friend and I arrive at 9:45 thinking that would be plenty of time for the first two bands to be on and finished. I walk up the stairs and hear the band - yes my band, the only band I came to see that night. I ask the will call guy, oh how long have they been on? They went on at 9. Immediately my eyes started watering, that is how dissappointed in myself I was. This is how important this show meant to me and what happens, I miss 45 min of their set. I was literally sick to my stomach. Luckily they are playing in less than two weeks and I'm going and I will not be missing any of the set this time.

ARCADE FIRE - Neon Bible

One word - LIVE! If you have heard of these guys or don't know who the hell they are, JUST GO SEE A SHOW. Nothing else to talk about, end of story, no arguments.

Several others come to mind but these three were worth going on and on about.

Unfortunately High On Fire's new one didn't make my list.
Some of you, you know who you are, will find this amusing.

Arcade Fire 5-8-07 United Palace Theater


Jim said...

Don't forget Clutch: From Beale St to Oblivion in your list of Best of 07.

Nearly every C! album improves upon the sound. I only wish I could have seen the in Baltimore on New Year's Eve or at the Starland in New Jersey for the two shows.

See them when every they come around b/c the show is different every time. ji

Jim said...

I resemble that High On Fire comment. Someone needs to listen to Tenacious D. "The Metal".